Meet the Makers evening with Alp ICT


GVA2 and Alp ICT to organize the first "Meet the Makers" event on Smart Cities

As part of its partnership with Alp ICT, the association organised a meeting of innovators from the digital technology scene thanks to the Meet the Makers campaign initiated by Alp ICT. In a different format from our thematic dinners, the association invited its members to discover this program. The event focused on the theme of Smart Cities and was followed by a dinner.  
Our speakers presented their work and their vision for the integration of Smart Cities technologies in Switzerland and elsewhere. We had the pleasure of listening to the following speakers: 

  • Giorgio Pauletto, Strategy, Foresight and Innovation Designer at SIG. Mr. Paulette's mission is to develop a strategy of innovation and industrial intelligence. In the past, he has been a consultant in technology, strategy and foresight for the State of Geneva. 
  • Nicolas Bongard, Project Manager Cantonal Economic Strategy 2030, came to present the Canton's Smart City strategy.
  • Anne Mellano Koymans, Co-Founder and VP of Operations of BestMile. This company has developed a platform for the management of autonomous vehicles. Founded in 2014, BestMile has offices in San Francisco (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom).  
  • Herve Dedieu, CEO of Novaccess, who created a multi-service platform for the global management of connected objects on a city-wide scale (monitoring of fire detection systems, lighting, etc.). 
  • Flavia Viscardi, Communication Manager of the Swiss Living Challenge, who has devised a new way of living and living together by offering the inhabitants of a neighbourhood to adopt sustainable gestures thanks to her solar house, the NeighborHub. The project won the Solar Decathlon 2017 competition organized by the U. S. Department of Energy.    

The event brought together about fifty people and, according to their positive feedback, was a success.

Luigia for Geneva


Action de soutien à l’association Scène Active avec les restaurants Luigia 

A la demande des restaurants Luigia, GVA2 a sélectionné une série d’associations dans le but d'apporter soutien financier et visibilité à l'une d'entre elles. C’est l’association Scène Active qui s’est vue décerner le prix par un comité composé de représentants des restaurants Luigia et de notre association. Une opération de communication a également été menée dans les restaurants genevois et sur les réseaux sociaux afin de donner un maximum de visibilité à l’action de Scène Active. Cette association permet chaque année de reconnecter des jeunes en rupture scolaire ou professionnelle à la vie active en participant à une formation intensive aux métiers de la scène. A l’issue du programme, 75% des jeunes raccrochent avec un travail à plein temps ou à temps partiel, un apprentissage (CFC) ou une formation dans une école supérieure (ECG, arts appliqués, etc.). 

GVA2 est heureuse d’avoir apporté son soutien à cette initiative et se réjouit de poursuivre la collaboration avec Luigia l’année prochaine. 

Visite guidée de Sculpture Garden


GVA2 convie ses membres à une visite guidée de Sculpture Garden

A la veille de la rentrée, GVA2 a souhaité proposer à ses membres ainsi qu'à leur famille une visite guidée de la première édition de la biennale d'art contemporain "Sculpture Garden" à laquelle elle a apporté son soutien. Un événement dans un format différent de nos traditionnels dîners puisqu'à la place des intervenants habituels, une trentaine de nos membres se sont laissés guider à travers l'exposition qui avait pour cadre notre magnifique Parc des Eaux-Vives.

Une médiatrice culturelle ainis que le directeur de la manifestation nous ont ainsi permis d'appréhender les oeuvres des artistes d'une manière éclairée et de découvrir, entre autres choses, la pièce de Carsten Höller qui fait référence à une théorie liant l’évolution de l’homme et l’apparition de la conscience humaine à la consommation de champignons hallucinogènes… 

Toute l’équipe se réjouit de l'édition 2020 à laquelle elle ne manquera pas d'apporter son soutien !

  • Sculpture Garden_1
  • Sculpture Garden_1
  • Sculpture Garden_Calder

Meet the Makers on the Blockchain with Alp ICT


Second Meet the Makers session organised with our partner Alp ICT on the Geneva Boat

For this second session of “Meet the Makers” organized with Alp ICT, we have chosen to meet actors from the Blockchain field.

We had the opportunity to discover the different cases of application of this technology on the Geneva State, thanks to the presentation of Vincent Pignon, CEO of WeCan.Fund and digital advisor to the State of Geneva. A demonstration of the solution developed at SICPA, by Philippe Thévoz, Executive Vice-President eGovernment Systems, offered the participants a concrete visualization of the advantages offered by the blockchain. A demystification of ICO's by Emilie Raffo, Business Manager at Torus Solutions, helped to understand the full potential offered by this new financing solution. A presentation of the numerous cases of applications developed in Geneva within the Fongit, by its director Antonio Gambardella. And finally, a prospective vision of the societal and human responsibilities induced by the blockchain thanks to Jean-Henri Morin, professor at the University of Geneva.

This event took place on the Bateau Genève in the magnificent setting of La Rade and was attended by nearly 60 people. 

Watch the video of this event by Alp ICT 

GVA2 supports Sculpture Garden


"Sculpture Garden", support for the contemporary art biennale at Parc des Eaux-Vives

A partnership was concluded between artgenève/sculptures and GVA2 to support the organization of a large-scale contemporary art biennale that will be part of Geneva's other major contemporary art summer fairs in Europe. The first edition takes place from June to September 2018 at Parc des Eaux-Vives.

To give the event a local and international influence, our association supports the organizers for the fundraising part with the help of our collaborator Renate Cornu. We have raised almost all the necessary funds and are waiting for confirmation from other potential sponsors. 

A vernissage in the presence of Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva, Lionel Bovier, director of the Mamco and curator of the exhibition, as well as officials of the FMAC, partner of the event, took place on 8 June, bringing together more than 200 people. On this occasion we had the opportunity to witness Roman Signer's performance on Le Jet d'eau. A video of the highlights of this event is visible by clicking on this link.

Collaboration GVA2 - HEAD Geneva


HEAD and GVA2 collaborated in a competition for an artistic intervention in the parks of Geneva

GVA2 approached HEAD's Bureau d' Intervention Publique (BIP) to organize a student competition to improve the experience of park walkers. The goal was to make the parks attractive and increase visitation as well as the popularity of the parks.

Guiding principles were drafted to frame the approach, and GVA2 trusted the teachers to specify the pedagogical aspects of the approach, leaving a great freedom for students.

In the end, no fewer than eight projects were presented to a jury composed of teachers, a representative of the Service des espaces verts, a teacher from HEPIA and members of our association's committee. The projects presented surprised us very pleasantly by their originality, their degree of achievement as well as by the intellectual and creative approach that guided the students.

The winning project, entitled "L'autre bout du monde", proposes to install a sculpture depicting the island of Chatham, located on the opposite side of Geneva in the New Zealand archipelago. Located not far from our "Bout-du-monde", in Bertrand Park, it will be made of a material containing phosphorescent crystals that glow in the dark. It will therefore be visible day and night, thanks to the crystals that store daylight. At both ends of the globe, the two islands of Chatham - the true and the sculpture - can be illuminated at the same time.

Now all we have to do is to go to the end of this project and make it a happen with the help of the authorities. To be continued...