Meet the Makers evening on Smart City with Alp ICT


GVA2 and Alp ICT to organize the first "Meet the Makers" event on Smart City

As part of its partnership with Alp ICT, the association organised a meeting of innovators from the digital technology scene thanks to the Meet the Makers campaign initiated by Alp ICT. In a different format from our thematic dinners, the association invited its members to discover this program. The event focused on the theme of Smart Cities and was followed by a dinner.  
Our speakers presented their work and their vision for the integration of Smart Cities technologies in Switzerland and elsewhere. We had the pleasure of listening to the following speakers: 

  • Giorgio Pauletto, Strategy, Foresight and Innovation Designer at SIG. Mr. Paulette's mission is to develop a strategy of innovation and industrial intelligence. In the past, he has been a consultant in technology, strategy and foresight for the State of Geneva. 
  • Nicolas Bongard, Project Manager Cantonal Economic Strategy 2030, came to present the Canton's Smart City strategy.
  • Anne Mellano Koymans, Co-Founder and VP of Operations of BestMile. This company has developed a platform for the management of autonomous vehicles. Founded in 2014, BestMile has offices in San Francisco (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom).  
  • Herve Dedieu, CEO of Novaccess, who created a multi-service platform for the global management of connected objects on a city-wide scale (monitoring of fire detection systems, lighting, etc.). 
  • Flavia Viscardi, Communication Manager of the Swiss Living Challenge, who has devised a new way of living and living together by offering the inhabitants of a neighbourhood to adopt sustainable gestures thanks to her solar house, the NeighborHub. The project won the Solar Decathlon 2017 competition organized by the U. S. Department of Energy.    

The event brought together about fifty people and, according to their positive feedback, was a success.

Collaboration GVA2 - HEAD Geneva


HEAD and GVA2 collaborated in a competition for an artistic intervention in the parks of Geneva

GVA2 approached HEAD's Bureau d' Intervention Publique (BIP) to organize a student competition to improve the experience of park walkers. The goal was to make the parks attractive and increase visitation as well as the popularity of the parks.

Guiding principles were drafted to frame the approach, and GVA2 trusted the teachers to specify the pedagogical aspects of the approach, leaving a great freedom for students.

In the end, no fewer than eight projects were presented to a jury composed of teachers, a representative of the Service des espaces verts, a teacher from HEPIA and members of our association's committee. The projects presented surprised us very pleasantly by their originality, their degree of achievement as well as by the intellectual and creative approach that guided the students.

The winning project, entitled "L'autre bout du monde", proposes to install a sculpture depicting the island of Chatham, located on the opposite side of Geneva in the New Zealand archipelago. Located not far from our "Bout-du-monde", in Bertrand Park, it will be made of a material containing phosphorescent crystals that glow in the dark. It will therefore be visible day and night, thanks to the crystals that store daylight. At both ends of the globe, the two islands of Chatham - the true and the sculpture - can be illuminated at the same time.

Now all we have to do is to go to the end of this project and make it a happen with the help of the authorities. To be continued...

In memory of Victoria Canonica


The Notting Hill model by Victoria has been re-released in support of the Cansearch Foundation and the refugee children

In November 2016, little victoria sadly lost her battle against acute myeloid leukemia and was taken away from this world.

During her illness, Victoria designed a shoe  in collaboration with the Benjie brand. The money raised from the sale of this shoe was donated to the Cansearch Foundation, which funds research projects against various forms of childhood cancer.

Today, her parents decided to continue the fight by creating the committee "Canfight for Victoria", an action group within the Cansearch Foundation. With support from GVA2, this committee has reproduced the shoe designed by Victoria.

Some of the pairs are being sold at the store and the proceeds donated to Cansearch. The others were given to the International School where Victoria was educated. The school, which encourages its students to actively participate in humanitarian projects, decided to donate a large number of the shoes to refugee children in the “Foyer des Tattes”. The remaining pairs were offered to Victoria's close friends.

We are proud that the fight against childhood cancer led by Victoria, and continued today by her parents, can provide support to children in need and financial aid towards cancer research.

If you want to help research against childhood cancer, you can go to or the Cansearch Foundation website!

Thank you for your help so that Victoria's fight continues!

GVA2 supports Alp ICT’s developments


GVA2 supports the transformations and new positioning of Alp ICT, an organization dedicated to bringing digital actors together in western Switzerland

Dedicated to the economic development of the digital industry in western Switzerland, Alp ICT is active both regionally, nationally and internationally. In order to facilitate the digital transformation of industries and promote the excellence of digital players in Western Switzerland, Alp ICT acts as a liaison between companies, R&D Institutes, as well as institutional and financial players.

The increasing interest at national level for the digital sector, in terms of entrepreneurship and impact of society, is encouraging AlpICT to redefine its positioning in the Swiss digital ecosystem.

In this context, GVA2 decided to support the developments of Alp ICT, bringing in the marketing agency KollectiveLabs to conclude a series of partnerships with the private sector with AlpICT and allow it to start new collaborations with the various concerned industries. This long-term project is also about creating a shared vision for the future of the digital sector in Switzerland.

The teams conducting this project wish to move forward in the most collaborative way possible, by inviting individuals, companies and other bodies from the digital sector to contribute collectively to the development of the regional digital ecosystem and to promote Swiss digital innovation beyond its borders.

To find out more about this new initiative, go to the website or contact the team directly if you wish to contribute to the future of digital in Switzerland.

  • AlpICT - Digital innovation in Switzerland
  • AlpICT - Focus areas

Results of the Rade Redevelopment Contest


The two teams supported by our association were ranked 5th ex-aequo!

In response to the competition launched by the City of Geneva last fall, no fewer than 70 teams presented their projects. Among them, the Atelier Beauregard and Cent Degrés were supported by our association. 

Floating barges, the increase in bathing areas, refreshments, new piers, urban greening, step ways, the rationalization of realization costs, smooth mobility and traffic congestion, and the enhancement of existing features, are among the many principles that guided our teams’ work.

For those not part of the 4 winning projects, we are very proud of the work accomplished and the projects presented. All ideas will be taken into consideration for future development projects by the City of Geneva. Please do not hesitate to send us an email at if you wish to see the details of the projects supported by our association. 

An exhibition took place at the Forum Faubourg until the 19th of May 2017. The winning projects can still be seen until June 28, 2017 on the Gustave-Ador, Général-Guisan and Wilson docks.

To learn more about the contest, you can also visit

  • Cent degrés - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade
  • ABR - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade
  • Cent degrés - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade
  • ABR - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade

Contest for the redevelopment of the harbor: GVA2 supports two projects!


The Association GVA2 is pleased to announce its support to two teams of architects who participated in the contest of ideas for the redevelopment of the roadstead launched by Mr. Guillaume Barazzone, Mayor of the City of Geneva.

The Association GVA2 is pleased to announce its support to two teams of architects who participated in the contest of ideas for the redevelopment of the roadstead launched by Mr. Guillaume Barazzone, Mayor of the City of Geneva.

Launched in the fall, this international competition is aimed at redeveloping the wharves; From the Perle du Lac to the Port-Noir. The idea is to initiate a reflection so that Geneva finally proposes facilities to the height of this prestigious place and a public space that is no longer saturated by a multiplicity of activities. In the end, projects should aim at promoting access to water, multiplying relaxation spaces and making quays for Geneva and tourists.

Confidentiality requires us not to say more for the moment, but we will keep you informed of the teams we have supported and the results of the competition as soon as they have been published (probably in the 'April). An exhibition of most of the projects will be organized in May; We will provide you with all the details in due course.

The whole team of GVA2 is looking forward to discovering the ideas of the participants!

For more information, please visit the website


  • Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade