Born from its founders’ commitment to their city, the GVA2 Association intends to encourage development, entrepreneurship, town planning and technology in the region of Grand Geneva.

Multiple and Varied Projects

Interested in everything that can contribute to the growth of the city, it can also participate in or carry out cultural, social, charitable, sports, architectural or public health projects. It does not seek to have the grip, but to act as a facilitator of any initiative with the same purposes.

Encourage Links

To do so, the association seeks to build bridges between the members of the Genevan society, both public and private, local and international, facilitating the dialogue between the various economic, institutional and associative actors of Geneva and providing financial support. It is open to any extension and can establish contacts with other entities with similar objectives.


GVA2 resources are formed of charities, donations, sponsorships and other contributions made by individuals or private groups and are used exclusively for its projects. The association pursues no profit-making purpose.

Its belief? “Geneva for all, all for Geneva”