Our mission

Promoting the image of Geneva


GVA2 aims to encourage development, entrepreneurship, urban planning and technology in the Greater Geneva area. The Association is open to any extension of its field of action and can link up with other entities with similar objectives.

The Association is interested in anything that can contribute to the influence of the city and can also participate in cultural, social, charitable, sports, architectural, humanitarian, ecological, scientific, educational or health projects.

To fulfill its mission, it carries out projects in its own name or provides support by promoting partnerships between the public and private sectors, locally and internationally, and by creating bridges between the various economic, institutional and associative players in Geneva.

GVA2 has also taken on the mission of serving as a facilitator for initiatives that are regularly brought to its attention by bringing together communities that present synergies and by helping to give them greater visibility.

As it is not a funding organization, we do not offer financial support.

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