GVA2 sponsors a team at the Lift:Lab


The GVA2 association supports the "GEnIAL" citizen project within the Lift:Lab

The Urban Entrepreneur project is an incubator of ideas initiated about 5 years ago by Lift. It allows projects linked to “the smart city” to move from the concept and idea stage to the concretization and implementation stage.  Through supervised workshops by academics and experts from across the fields of technology, marketing, prototyping, innovation methodology and coaching the Lift:Lab helps to develop projects around three themes: 

1. Food and agriculture

2. Transport and mobility

3. Energy and the environment

After being approached by the Lift team to provide support, GVA2 chose a project called Conversational Responsive City.

This project aims to simplify the link between the citizens and the public authorities by facilitating administrative procedures, whether they are administrative or simply a search for information. A conversational platform will be created which will serve as a basis for the installation of chatbots. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the speed of connections, chatbots make it possible to avoid human intervention to answer practical questions. These will be developed according to the needs of the citizens.

A major innovation of the project is to offer user experiences adapted to all types of profiles (from chat integrated in Facebook Messenger to voice interfaces such as Siri or Alexa) and to allow children as well as elderly to effectively access this service.

Concerning the artificial intelligence and 'machine learning', the project approach is to develop an evolutionary system which will allow the algorithms to be improved according to the opportunities to collaborate with specialized Swiss research laboratories. The idea is eventually to foster the link between citizens through the sum of the information that will have been made available with this system.

The project will also consider all the security and privacy issues in this type of service.

The GVA2 team is very enthusiastic about participating in this project during the Lift:Lab and will continue to support it beyond! We will of course keep you informed of future developments!

« Geneva - At the heart of the world »


GVA2 collaborates with Assouline Editions for a new book about Geneva

Based on the observation that no book on our city was available, GVA2 contacted Assouline Editions in order to create one that would be, in addition to a beautiful object, a reference, both visually and textually. This book retraces the history of our city by highlighting its richness and diversity through the institutions it hosts, the iconic places which represent it and the events which take place throughout the year; all of this while giving priority to the cultural richness and not forgetting the international Geneva. For this book, GVA2 collaborated with Kyra Dupont-Troubetzkoy, journalist and writer, as well as several local photographers. We also asked personalities to share their vision of our city through quotes that punctuate the 220 pages of this book in English.

You can ordre the book on GVA2XASSOULINE.COM. We will be happy to answer your questions about the book; you can reach us at +41 22 311 33 33. 


Dinners for a change


Thematic Dinners for Positive Developments

The GVA2 Association regularly organises dinners on economic, technological, urban planning or development topics with a constant: the topic discussed must turn around Geneva. For the discussions, it invites speakers from the economic, political, cultural areas and all the persons who are competent on the topic. Since the creation of the association in 2014, the themes discussed were as follows:

  • 24.06.21:  Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions with representatives of the UNHCR, ICRC and International Affairs foundations of the Canton of Geneva
  • 25.05.21:  Tourism and events in the Covid era with Sophie Dubuis, president of Geneva Tourism, Sébastien Tondeur, CEO of MCI Group and Vincent Sager, director of Opus One (the dinner took place in public on May 19 and on Léman Bleu, it can be seen here).
  • 27.10.20:  The difficult balance between health constraints and political choices with Drs Didier Pittet and Michel Matter and Adam Said, President of GVA2 (to be seen on the Facebook page of Léman Bleu)
  • 23.09.20:  Road infrastructure and mobility in Geneva
  • 20.08.20:  Guided tour of the Sculpture Garden
  • 25.06.20:  Trade and Industry in Geneva with the CCIG
  • 22.01.20:  Waste management and recycling in Geneva
  • 25.09.19:  Presentation of the 2019-2020 Grand Théâtre's program and 10th edition of the Festival Antigel
  • 10.04.19:  The question of migrants in Geneva
  • 27.02.19:  The RFFA votation 
  • 07.11.18:  Geneva and the prosecution of war criminals
  • 27.04.18:  The major cultural projects in Geneva
  • 07.03.18:  The media crisis in French-speaking Switzerland: what solutions?
  • 31.10.17:  The Philanthropic field in Geneva
  • 06.04.17:  Tourism in Geneva
  • 07.03.17:  Promotion of Geneva International: the "Fondation pour Genève"
  • 07.11.16:  Urban development and infrastructure in Geneva
  • 21.09.16:  Fintech, challenges and opportunities for Geneva's financial sector
  • 25.11.15:  Geneva priorities at the federal level
  • 08.10.15:  The current situation of the prospects for innovation in Geneva
  • 22.04.15:  Statutes of the 2015 election campaigns in the City of Geneva
  • 30.10.14:  Public-private partnership: a model to develop for Geneva?
  • 19.09.14:  What is the future of the financial centre of Geneva? How to help banks and financial institutions develop new areas of activity in Geneva?
  • 28.07.14:  How to encourage the growth of businesses in Geneva?

If you are interested in these dinners and you wish to suggest discussion topics, please feel free to contact us to share your ideas. We are open to any new project or any suggestion that could lead to a positive transformation of our city. 

GVA2 co-organizes the second edition of the Musée Transitoire


The second edition of the Musée Transitoire was supported by the association GVA2, co-organizer of the event

Created by the artist Romina Shama, the Musée Transitoire was born from a desire to integrate space and sound into the conception of an empirical work in order to present ephemeral works that invest the architecture and acoustics of places suspended between two states. The novel Orlov, la nuit by Arthur Larrue tells the story of Faustine and serves as a starting point for this work, soberly entitled "O", the letter in which Faustine and her lover disappear...

Alongside the works, several performances punctuated this event, including those of Claude Closky, Guillaume Denervaud, Bastien Gachet, Rebecca Kunz, Mika Rottenberg, Florence Jung, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, not forgetting Romina Shama, artist and instigator of the event. The sound works of Felix Blume, Amandine Casadamont, Enrique Del Castillo, Alexandre Plank, and Olivier Lasson - also enriched this edition.

The second edition of the Musée Transitoire was held from June 10 to July 10, 2021 and received wide media coverage: Le Temps, La Tribune des Arts, La Tribune de Genève, RTS, Le Courrier, Léman Bleu and even Mediapart reported on it, while more than 3,000 visitors came to Chambésy, in the bucolic and timeless place where the exhibition was held. 

Second edition of Sculpture Garden


The Sculpture Garden exhibition will open its second edition as planned on June 12 and will close on September 30, 2020. 

Despite the recent events, we are very happy to inform you that the event will open as planned on June 12 with, in the first place, about fifteen works. As the production of some works has been affected by the strict confinement imposed in some European countries, other installations will join the exhibition during the month of June and early July. 

The organisers have also been able to extend the exhibition until the end of September and move the programme of events, initially planned for June, to September. A large cocktail party in honour of the exhibition is thus scheduled for Friday 4 September at the Restaurant du Parc des Eaux-Vives.

The Biennial presents some thirty large-format sculptures, many of which were produced specifically for the exhibition by young artists. Sculpture Garden will take place in three magnificent public spaces that are particularly popular during the summer: the Parc des Eaux-Vives, the Parc La Grange and the Quai Gustave-Ador. Île Rousseau and Hôtel La Réserve will complete the tour with special projects. A series of events and performative evenings will animate the event. A mediation program will also be offered.

For its second edition, the exhibition will be clearing new territories. It pays tribute to original productions, young artists and hybrid works created by artists and designers. Fountains, benches, architectures, flags or mobiles, participative works, committed or dialoguing with the Eaux-Vives and La Grange parks draw the shape of a new way of thinking sculpture today.

Ambitious by its international dimension, by the number of artists invited and by its themes, the exhibition is also defined by a humble relationship to the parks, nature and landscape. The biennial's steering committee, made up of Thomas Hug (artgenève), Lionel Bovier (MAMCO), Michèle Freiburghaus (Fmac) and Balthazar Lovay, the curator, have created the conditions for artists to propose projects designed for these Geneva parks and to produce them for the event. Responding to the quality of these places has proved to be a constant in the proposals, which also use pre-existing constructions (former tourist train station, irrigation system) or are associated with the natural elements of the site.

The organizers and GVA2 are very enthusiastic to offer the public of Geneva, French-speaking Switzerland and the rest of the country a great opportunity to discover new flagship works and thus the beauty of our city's parks at a time when cultural proposals are becoming rare.  

Image additionnelle: 

Solidarité COVID-19


GVA2 mobilise ses membres pour constituer un fond destiné aux associations venant en aide aux personnes précarisées par la crise

Notre association a lancé un appel à ses membres afin de constituer un fond de soutien destiné aux associations venant en aide aux personnes les plus durement frappées par la crise sanitaire.

Notre réseau s’est très généreusement mobilisé puisque nous avons été en mesure de redistribuer un peu plus de CHF 220'000 aux entités suivantes : Colis du cœur, Réseau Femmes, Aspasie, AVVEC, Geneva Friends, Yojoa, Pro-Juventute, Le Bateau Genève, Le Racard, Carrefour Rue & La Coulou et l’Hospice général.

GVA2 est particulièrement heureuse d’avoir pu contribuer, même modestement, aux activités de ces formidables associations qui font un magnifique travail à destination des personnes les plus fragiles.

Musée Transitoire


GVA2 apporte son soutien à une seconde édition du Musée Transitoire à Genève

Le Musée Transitoire est une institution Franco-Suisse à but non lucratif, un espace d’exposition éphémère. Il s’inscrit dans des lieux en transition où les œuvres sont appelées à communiquer entre elles et à évoluer au fil du temps.

Le projet est né d'une envie d’intégrer l'architecture et le son à la conception d'une œuvre engagée. Le MT a pour ambition d'investir des lieux qui n’ont pas vocation à accueillir des expositions, l’idée est de modifier la place de l’artiste dans le champ de l’art et désacraliser ses lois.

Pour sa première édition, il a investi un garage désaffecté dans le 11ème arrondissement de Paris sur 4000m2 d’espace d’exposition où les artistes et les œuvres choisies par les commissaires Romina Shama et Amandine Casadamont, ont fait écho avec le lieu, son histoire, son futur, ses matériaux et ses lignes.

GVA2 est très heureuse d'apporter son soutien à ce projet novateur et ambitieux et d'aider l'organisatrice dans ses recherches de lieu en transition pour son édition genevoise. 

Conférence sur la Chine contemporaine


Le Cercle International et GVA2 s'associent pour l'organisation d'une conférence sur la sino-mondialisation

GVA2 et le Cercle International de la Fondation pour Genève ont eu plaisir de convier leurs membres respectifs à une conférence-débat intitulée « La sino-mondialisation : vers quel ordre mondial ? »

Nous avons eu la chance d’écouter Sophie Boisseau du Rocher et Emmanuel Dubois de Prisque, auteurs de l’ouvrage « La Chine e(s)t le monde : essai sur la sino-mondialisation », ainsi que Basile Zimmermann, directeur de l’Institut Confucius de l’Université de Genève. La modération a été assurée par Serge Michel, directeur éditorial et co-fondateur de Heidi.news. Vous trouverez au bas de cet email, de plus amples informations sur nos intervenants et leurs travaux respectifs. 

Cette conférence nous a permis de mieux appréhender la place qu'occupera la Chine dans le monde de demain, ses espoirs d'y tenir le premier rang ainsi que les règles qui la régissent et nous échappent encore.  

Un grand merci au Cercle International pour cette organisation et pour nous avoir accueilli au Domaine La Pastorale. 

Sculpture Garden - Biennale 2020


GVA2 soutient Sculpture Garden pour sa seconde édition

Suite au succès de l’édition 2018, GVA2 est très heureuse de vous annoncer qu’elle poursuit son partenariat avec les organisateurs pour la deuxième édition de la Biennale d'art contemporain Sculpture Garden qui se tiendra du 5 juin au 10 septembre 2020.

Cette manifestation artistique, organisée par artgenève en partenariat avec le Mamco et la Ville de Genève, se veut plus ambitieuse que la version précédente puisqu’elle présentera une trentaine d'œuvres, réparties sur 4 lieux emblématiques de la ville de Genève : le Parc des Eaux-Vives, le Parc La Grange, le Jardin Anglais et l'Ile Rousseau. Balthazar Lovay succèdera à Lionel Bovier comme commissaire d'exposition pour l'édition 2020.

De nombreux événements publics et privés seront également organisés tout au long de la biennale. GVA2 est très enthousiaste de participer une nouvelle fois à la réalisation de ce projet culturel qui contribue grandement au rayonnement de Genève.

Affiliation de GVA2 à la Fondation pour Genève


GVA2 invitée à faire partie du réseau de la Fondation pour Genève

Notre association est très fière d’annoncer que la Fondation pour Genève a proposé d'inclure GVA2 à son réseau partenaires aux côtés du Club Diplomatique, du Cercle international, de la Fondation Eduki ou du CAGI. Ce rapprochement, motivé par la complémentarité de nos missions respectives et notre volonté commune de rassembler les forces vives de Genève, a pour but de favoriser les contacts entre la Genève Internationale et la Genève locale ainsi que de mieux informer nos membres sur les actions de chacune de ces entités.

Cette plus grande proximité permettra à GVA2 de soutenir les actions de la Fondation pour Genève et inversement. L’organisation d’événements communs sur des sujets qui nous rapprochent est également en discussion.

Nous nous félicitons de cette marque de confiance et nous réjouissons de mettre en place cette collaboration.

Evening on artificial intelligence in partnership with Heidi.news


GVA2 has organized a conference on artificial intelligence in partnership with Heidi.news, the new digital media in French-speaking Switzerland.  

The association invited about fifty of its members to the Bateau Genève for a conference on artificial intelligence. We had the privilege of listening to Dr Sofia Vallecorsa, physicist and head of the CERN openlab, Dr Colin Barschel, project manager at armasuisse for the Cyber-defence Campus (DDPS), Professor David Rudrauf, director of the Multimodal Modelling Laboratory of Emotion and Feeling at the University of Geneva, and Mr Nicolas Capt, lawyer specialised in issues related to technologies, media, e-reputation and online data protection. 

The experts’ speeches were followed by a session dedicated to Swiss startups currently active in fields such as cybersecurity, finance, medicine and law,  which was animated by Fabrice Delaye, journalist at Heidi.news.  

The conference was moderated by Serge Michel, founder and editor-in-chief of the media. A report of the exchanges is available on the links below: 

We hope this evening will be the starting point of a collaboration that we wish to be long and fruitful with Heidi.news and which will undoubtedly offer high quality events to our members.

Soutien à Afrodyssée


Le troisième plus grand marché africain d'Europe s'installe à Genève le temps d'un week end !

Depuis 5 ans cet événement incontournable rassemble les meilleurs designers de l'artisanat et de la mode africains. Son succès grandissant le place aujourd'hui parmi les trois plus importantes manifestations européennes consacrées à la mode africaine, derrière Londres et Lisbonne. 

Se tenant sur 2 jours au théâtre Pitoeff, cet événement permet d'assister à un défilé présentant les sublimes créations des designers invités, mais également d'acheter des vêtements, accessoires, cosmétiques, bijoux et objets design sur un marché éphémère. 

Les organisateurs d’Afrodyssée sélectionnent soigneusement les créateurs qui présenteront leurs créations lors de cet évènement ; le respect des conditions de travail et de l'environnement, la valorisation du travail des femmes et la perpétuation de savoir-faire traditionnels sont des critères fondamentaux. 

Luigia for Geneva


Support to the association Scène Active with Luigia restaurants 

In response of Luigia restaurants' request, GVA2 has selected a series of associations to provide financial support and visibility. At the end of the process, the Scène Active association was awarded the prize by a committee composed of representatives of the Luigia restaurants and the GVA2 association. A communication campaign was also conducted in Geneva restaurants and on social networks to give maximum visibility to Scène Active's action. 

This association allows young people who have dropped out of school or professional life to be reintegrated into working life by participating in intensive training in the performing arts. At the end of the yearly program, 75% of young people hang up on full-time or part-time work, apprenticeship (CFC) or training in a higher school (ECG, applied arts, etc.). 

GVA2 is pleased to have supported this initiative and looks forward to continuing the collaboration with Luigia next year. 

Guided tour of Sculpture Garden


GVA2 invites its members to a guided tour of Sculpture Garden

On the eve of the new school year, GVA2 wanted to offer its members and their families a guided tour of the first edition of the contemporary art biennial "Sculpture Garden", to which the association gave its support. An event in a different format from our traditional dinners, since instead of the usual speakers, about thirty of our members were guided through the exhibition, set in our magnificent Parc des Eaux-Vives.

A cultural mediator as well as the director of the event allowed us to understand the artists creations in an enlightened way and to discover, among other things, Carsten Höller's work, which refers to a theory linking the evolution of man and the appearance of human consciousness to the consumption of hallucinogenic fungi... 

The whole team is looking forward to the 2020 edition and will certainly support it!

  • Sculpture Garden_1
  • Sculpture Garden_1
  • Sculpture Garden_Calder

Meet the Makers on the Blockchain with Alp ICT


Second Meet the Makers session organised with our partner Alp ICT on the Geneva Boat

For this second session of “Meet the Makers” organized with Alp ICT, we have chosen to meet actors from the Blockchain field.

We had the opportunity to discover the different cases of application of this technology on the Geneva State, thanks to the presentation of Vincent Pignon, CEO of WeCan.Fund and digital advisor to the State of Geneva. A demonstration of the solution developed at SICPA, by Philippe Thévoz, Executive Vice-President eGovernment Systems, offered the participants a concrete visualization of the advantages offered by the blockchain. A demystification of ICO's by Emilie Raffo, Business Manager at Torus Solutions, helped to understand the full potential offered by this new financing solution. A presentation of the numerous cases of applications developed in Geneva within the Fongit, by its director Antonio Gambardella. And finally, a prospective vision of the societal and human responsibilities induced by the blockchain thanks to Jean-Henri Morin, professor at the University of Geneva.

This event took place on the Bateau Genève in the magnificent setting of La Rade and was attended by nearly 60 people. 

Watch the video of this event by Alp ICT 

GVA2 supports Sculpture Garden


"Sculpture Garden", support for the contemporary art biennale at Parc des Eaux-Vives

A partnership was concluded between artgenève/sculptures and GVA2 to support the organization of a large-scale contemporary art biennale that will be part of Geneva's other major contemporary art summer fairs in Europe. The first edition takes place from June to September 2018 at Parc des Eaux-Vives.

To give the event a local and international influence, our association supports the organizers for the fundraising part with the help of our collaborator Renate Cornu. We have raised almost all the necessary funds and are waiting for confirmation from other potential sponsors. 

A vernissage in the presence of Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva, Lionel Bovier, director of the Mamco and curator of the exhibition, as well as officials of the FMAC, partner of the event, took place on 8 June, bringing together more than 200 people. On this occasion we had the opportunity to witness Roman Signer's performance on Le Jet d'eau. A video of the highlights of this event is visible by clicking on this link.

Collaboration GVA2 - HEAD Geneva


HEAD and GVA2 collaborated in a competition for an artistic intervention in the parks of Geneva

GVA2 approached HEAD's Bureau d' Intervention Publique (BIP) to organize a student competition to improve the experience of park walkers. The goal was to make the parks attractive and increase visitation as well as the popularity of the parks.

Guiding principles were drafted to frame the approach, and GVA2 trusted the teachers to specify the pedagogical aspects of the approach, leaving a great freedom for students.

In the end, no fewer than eight projects were presented to a jury composed of teachers, a representative of the Service des espaces verts, a teacher from HEPIA and members of our association's committee. The projects presented surprised us very pleasantly by their originality, their degree of achievement as well as by the intellectual and creative approach that guided the students.

The winning project, entitled "L'autre bout du monde", proposes to install a sculpture depicting the island of Chatham, located on the opposite side of Geneva in the New Zealand archipelago. Located not far from our "Bout-du-monde", in Bertrand Park, it will be made of a material containing phosphorescent crystals that glow in the dark. It will therefore be visible day and night, thanks to the crystals that store daylight. At both ends of the globe, the two islands of Chatham - the true and the sculpture - can be illuminated at the same time.

Now all we have to do is to go to the end of this project and make it a happen with the help of the authorities. To be continued...

Meet the Makers evening on Smart City with Alp ICT


GVA2 and Alp ICT to organize the first "Meet the Makers" event on Smart City

As part of its partnership with Alp ICT, the association organised a meeting of innovators from the digital technology scene thanks to the Meet the Makers campaign initiated by Alp ICT. In a different format from our thematic dinners, the association invited its members to discover this program. The event focused on the theme of Smart Cities and was followed by a dinner.  
Our speakers presented their work and their vision for the integration of Smart Cities technologies in Switzerland and elsewhere. We had the pleasure of listening to the following speakers: 

  • Giorgio Pauletto, Strategy, Foresight and Innovation Designer at SIG. Mr. Paulette's mission is to develop a strategy of innovation and industrial intelligence. In the past, he has been a consultant in technology, strategy and foresight for the State of Geneva. 
  • Nicolas Bongard, Project Manager Cantonal Economic Strategy 2030, came to present the Canton's Smart City strategy.
  • Anne Mellano Koymans, Co-Founder and VP of Operations of BestMile. This company has developed a platform for the management of autonomous vehicles. Founded in 2014, BestMile has offices in San Francisco (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom).  
  • Herve Dedieu, CEO of Novaccess, who created a multi-service platform for the global management of connected objects on a city-wide scale (monitoring of fire detection systems, lighting, etc.). 
  • Flavia Viscardi, Communication Manager of the Swiss Living Challenge, who has devised a new way of living and living together by offering the inhabitants of a neighbourhood to adopt sustainable gestures thanks to her solar house, the NeighborHub. The project won the Solar Decathlon 2017 competition organized by the U. S. Department of Energy.    

The event brought together about fifty people and, according to their positive feedback, was a success.

In memory of Victoria Canonica


The Notting Hill model by Victoria has been re-released in support of the Cansearch Foundation and the refugee children

In November 2016, little victoria sadly lost her battle against acute myeloid leukemia and was taken away from this world.

During her illness, Victoria designed a shoe  in collaboration with the Benjie brand. The money raised from the sale of this shoe was donated to the Cansearch Foundation, which funds research projects against various forms of childhood cancer.

Today, her parents decided to continue the fight by creating the committee "Canfight for Victoria", an action group within the Cansearch Foundation. With support from GVA2, this committee has reproduced the shoe designed by Victoria.

Some of the pairs are being sold at the store and the proceeds donated to Cansearch. The others were given to the International School where Victoria was educated. The school, which encourages its students to actively participate in humanitarian projects, decided to donate a large number of the shoes to refugee children in the “Foyer des Tattes”. The remaining pairs were offered to Victoria's close friends.

We are proud that the fight against childhood cancer led by Victoria, and continued today by her parents, can provide support to children in need and financial aid towards cancer research.

If you want to help research against childhood cancer, you can go to canfightforvictoria.com or the Cansearch Foundation website!

Thank you for your help so that Victoria's fight continues!

GVA2 supports Alp ICT’s developments


GVA2 supports the transformations and new positioning of Alp ICT, an organization dedicated to bringing digital actors together in western Switzerland

Dedicated to the economic development of the digital industry in western Switzerland, Alp ICT is active both regionally, nationally and internationally. In order to facilitate the digital transformation of industries and promote the excellence of digital players in Western Switzerland, Alp ICT acts as a liaison between companies, R&D Institutes, as well as institutional and financial players.

The increasing interest at national level for the digital sector, in terms of entrepreneurship and impact of society, is encouraging AlpICT to redefine its positioning in the Swiss digital ecosystem.

In this context, GVA2 decided to support the developments of Alp ICT, bringing in the marketing agency KollectiveLabs to conclude a series of partnerships with the private sector with AlpICT and allow it to start new collaborations with the various concerned industries. This long-term project is also about creating a shared vision for the future of the digital sector in Switzerland.

The teams conducting this project wish to move forward in the most collaborative way possible, by inviting individuals, companies and other bodies from the digital sector to contribute collectively to the development of the regional digital ecosystem and to promote Swiss digital innovation beyond its borders.

To find out more about this new initiative, go to the website www.alpict.com or contact the info@alpict.com team directly if you wish to contribute to the future of digital in Switzerland.

  • AlpICT - Digital innovation in Switzerland
  • AlpICT - Focus areas

Results of the Rade Redevelopment Contest


The two teams supported by our association were ranked 5th ex-aequo!

In response to the competition launched by the City of Geneva last fall, no fewer than 70 teams presented their projects. Among them, the Atelier Beauregard and Cent Degrés were supported by our association. 

Floating barges, the increase in bathing areas, refreshments, new piers, urban greening, step ways, the rationalization of realization costs, smooth mobility and traffic congestion, and the enhancement of existing features, are among the many principles that guided our teams’ work.

For those not part of the 4 winning projects, we are very proud of the work accomplished and the projects presented. All ideas will be taken into consideration for future development projects by the City of Geneva. Please do not hesitate to send us an email at info@gva2.ch if you wish to see the details of the projects supported by our association. 

An exhibition took place at the Forum Faubourg until the 19th of May 2017. The winning projects can still be seen until June 28, 2017 on the Gustave-Ador, Général-Guisan and Wilson docks.

To learn more about the contest, you can also visit larade.ch

  • Cent degrés - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade
  • ABR - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade
  • Cent degrés - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade
  • ABR - Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade

Contest for the redevelopment of the harbor: GVA2 supports two projects!


The Association GVA2 is pleased to announce its support to two teams of architects who participated in the contest of ideas for the redevelopment of the roadstead launched by Mr. Guillaume Barazzone, Mayor of the City of Geneva.

The Association GVA2 is pleased to announce its support to two teams of architects who participated in the contest of ideas for the redevelopment of the roadstead launched by Mr. Guillaume Barazzone, Mayor of the City of Geneva.

Launched in the fall, this international competition is aimed at redeveloping the wharves; From the Perle du Lac to the Port-Noir. The idea is to initiate a reflection so that Geneva finally proposes facilities to the height of this prestigious place and a public space that is no longer saturated by a multiplicity of activities. In the end, projects should aim at promoting access to water, multiplying relaxation spaces and making quays for Geneva and tourists.

Confidentiality requires us not to say more for the moment, but we will keep you informed of the teams we have supported and the results of the competition as soon as they have been published (probably in the 'April). An exhibition of most of the projects will be organized in May; We will provide you with all the details in due course.

The whole team of GVA2 is looking forward to discovering the ideas of the participants!

For more information, please visit the website www.larade.ch


  • Concours pour le réaménagement de la Rade

What future for “la Rade”?


A project to redevelop “la Rade” is currently under review within the GVA2 Association

The population, authorities and Geneva lovers have been thinking of it for years. It is now time to redevelop the waterside between Perle du Lac and Baby-Plage.

Our association supports the design of a concrete project that is feasible and realistic at all levels: budgetary, urban planning, economic, topographical, environmental, safety and, of course, that takes account of the mobility constraints. 

The idea is to rethink “la Rade” as a whole in order to make it a vacation spot with infrastructures at the height of the splendour of our city. 

Proposals for the Domain of Penthes


The GVA2 association has made a series of proposals to dynamize the Domaine de Penthes

Starting from the observation that the Domain of Penthes seems insufficiently highlighted, the GVA2 Association presented a series of proposals. They aim at revitalising the venue while developing its activities and increasing visiting.

The project intends to make it THE crossroad between international Geneva and local Geneva. Its purpose is to showcase the strengths of the Domain and to ensure better cohesion between its various entities.

A series of proposals are outlined here, among which:

  • the creation of a refreshment bar and the organisation of art exhibitions inside the park during sunny days;
  • the redistribution of premises for a new allocation of unused spaces;
  • a better communication around the restaurant, its Business Lunches and the possibility to organise thematic dinners;
  • the valorisation of the Research Centre by offering tours for schools.

If you wish to see the full report, simply send us a request. Our association remains open to any proposal for a positive development of the place.

  • Vue du Château de Penthes
  • Le Domaine de Penthes - Musée militaire
  • Le château du Domaine de Penthes

Renovation of the Terrace of the Restaurant La Perle du Lac


GVA2 supports the terrace renovation of Restaurant La Perle du Lac

Requested by the current manager of the Restaurant La Perle du Lac, GVA2 coordinated the provision of a donation for the renovation of its terrace.

In a mired context where the competent authorities were not progressing quickly enough, GVA2 allowed the establishment to carry out the works in time and welcome its customers on a new terrace for the summer period.

Our association is pleased to have contributed to this project which allows Genevans and tourists to enjoy this iconic place in a more elegant setting.


  • Renovation of the Terracce of the Restaurant La Perle Du Lac

Study on the Ecosystem Startups - Geneva and Region


GVA2 has commissioned a study on the Startups' Ecosystem in Geneva and the Geneva area

GVA2 has commissioned a study to better understand the issues related to the creation of startups in Geneva. What are the brakes? The accelerators? What measures should be taken to promote growth? What structures should be implemented to assist entrepreneurs in their dealings with authorities, investors and potential partners? Through an analysis of the local, regional and national economy and examples of cities that have witnessed the proliferation of startups, this study attempts to ask the right questions and provide some answers.

Through this study, GVA2 wishes to acknowledge the current situation and help the reorganisation of existing startups support structures. 

Young Global Leaders Annual Summit 2015


The Young Global Leaders Annual Summit invites the President of GVA2 and Mr. Guillaume Barazzone for a discussion entitled "Reinventing Geneva at a global stage"

In August 2015, the Young Global Leaders Annual Summit, organised by the World Economic Forum invited Mr. Adam Saïd, CEO of ACE & Company and President of GVA2 and Mr. Guillaume Barazzone, Administrative Councillor of the City of Geneva in charge of the Department of Environment and Security, to participate in a discussion on the place of Geneva on the gobal stage (“Reinventing Geneva at a global stage”). The idea was to put forward the challenges and opportunities of the city and open a space for reflection on how it can maintain its place on the global stage.

At the end of the discussions, 3 findings have emerged:

  1. If we apply to Geneva the theory of the two factors (hygiene and job satisfaction), we realise that it is a city that fills all the hygiene requirements (remuneration, security of employment, working conditions, team relationships, etc.) but does not provide sufficient sources of satisfaction (creativity, accomplishment, autonomy, progression, recognition, responsibilities, etc.).
  2. Geneva is not competitive in innovation, it must impose itself as the city location of startsups in their 2nd phase of life, that of their expansion. Indeed, it offers a wide range of benefits to business services, provided that they have a good financial stability.
  3. Geneva suffers from an image deficit at an international level and must better communicate on the quality of life it offers its inhabitants. The range of cultural, sporting activities available, the right environmental conditions it enjoys, the proximity of the mountain and the main European capitals and, last but not least, the presence of a beach must be better put forward!
  • Young Global Leaders Summit 2015