Feminism & fight for equality



Thursday 7 April 2022

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Women’s status and struggles for equality


On April 7, the association gathered its members for a dinner on the status of women and the struggles for women’s equality.

Colette Fry, director of the Canton’s Office for the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Violence (BPEV), Geneviève Bordry, co-president of the Réseau Femmes, Gisou van der Goot, vice-president of Responsible Transformation at EPFL and Nasteha Salah, a doctoral student in medicine who works in parallel for the Bioscope‘s Sciences, Genders, Identities project, were all present to talk about the discrimination at work in all areas: medical, academic, domestic, public, family and of course social, but also the struggles for a greater consideration of their claims.

The participants were given the opportunity to hear the announcement of a major project for women: a place that favors social links, synergies and the emergence of new projects, related to the empowerment of women, the prevention of gender violence and the promotion of equality will soon be created in Geneva.

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