New psychotherapeutic methods



Tuesday 30 January 2024

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New psychotherapeutic approaches, focus on psychedelics

GVA2 organized a dinner on new therapeutic methods – spirituality, hypnosis, mindfulness, etc. – with a focus on those assisted by psychedelics.

In recent years, new therapeutic methods have emerged, based not only on the so-called hard sciences, but also in the more sensitive fields of perception, relationships with others and spirituality.

Thanks to hypnosis, EMDR, mindfulness and psychedelic-assisted therapies, the healthcare community now has new tools that can heal with excellent results.

These therapeutic approaches represent tremendous hope for all those who suffer from psychological ailments on a daily basis, whether it be depression, anxiety or those struggling with addictions.

Professor Jacques Besson, psychiatrist and addictologist, Federico Seragnoli, coordinator of the PAP program at the HUG and founder and CEO of ALPS Foundation, and Laura Tocmacov, patient and founder of, presented their activities, experiences, the state of research and possible future applications for these therapies. A program on the subject will be broadcast on Léman Bleu on March 29 at 6.30pm.

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