Education: current situation and future perspectives



Tuesday 4 October 2022

Discussion on education: state of play and future prospects

GVA2 wanted to address the crucial issue of education by inviting three specialists: Marie-Claude Sawerschel, candidate for the Council of State (Liberal Greens) and former Secretary General of the DIP, Magali Wahl, founder and director of the Eden school and Sophie Gaitzsch, journalist responsible for the exploration “Reinventing school”. They presented the Geneva public education system and its recent evolutions, a public school where it is the teachers who adapt to the children and finally, gave examples of innovations in education, especially in the Nordic countries.
If we had to summarise in a few words the thoughts expressed by our speakers during these fascinating exchanges, it would certainly be the need to move towards an education system that is better adapted to the specificities of pupils, that allows them to develop according to their personality and accompanies them in finding their path, whatever it may be.

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