The economic impact of international Geneva


Fondation Pour Genève


Thursday 18 April 2024

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Presentation of the study on the economic impact of the international sector in Geneva

The purpose of this dinner was to present to our members the study commissioned and piloted by the Fondation pour Genève, in collaboration with the City, Canton and Confederation, as well as private-sector players such as the Fédération des entreprises romandes (FER) and the Groupement des entreprises multinationales (GEM).

To carry out the study, a multi-disciplinary team was commissioned, bringing together academics from the University of Geneva, the Haute école de Gestion and the EPFL to update the one carried out some ten years ago.

This study takes into account the 39 international organizations, 460 INGOs, 180 permanent missions to the UN and over 2200 multinationals based in our canton.

Without surprise, the study shows that the economic strength and prosperity of the Lake Geneva region are closely linked to International Geneva and the presence of these numerous multinationals. These have an impact not only on our region’s economy, but also on public finances, housing, mobility, the environment and employment.

State Councillor Nathalie Fontanet and the national councillors who were among the guests also insisted on the need to plead the cause of international Geneva in Berne, and not to wait 10 years to update the study.

You will soon be able to read more about the discussions held on April 18 in the report we will publish on our website.

A summary of the study is also available here. It can be found in full on the Fondation pour Genève website.

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