Guided tour of Grand Théâtre



Wednesday 30 August 2023

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GVA2 invites its members to a guided tour of Geneva’s Grand Théâtre

Nearly 70 of our members had the privilege of discovering the history of the institution, its mutations which were sometimes the result of hazardous pyrotechnic feats, the three different time periods reflecting quite distinct architectural styles which nevertheless form a coherent whole, the paintings depicting antinomic musical styles which adorn the various foyers, an impressive view from the amphitheatre and a glimpse of the meticulous craftsmanship of the artisans who work tirelessly to maintain the quality of the creations.

This event was the fruit of our collaboration with the Cercle du Grand Théâtre. Many thanks to them and to our two guides, Sabryna Pierre and Léa Siebenbour, who accompanied us on the tour and captivated us with their passionate knowledge of the Maison.

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